Meet the team

Lucia Casasnovas
Clinical Psychologist

Lucia has worked in both private practice and the public sector for the last 10 years. She has experience working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families treating a wide variety of psychological and interpersonal difficulties. She uses evidence based treatment interventions to enhance the mental health of individuals and to contribute to facilitate healthy relationships.


Luke Pryor
Clinical P

Luke is passionate about his work and supporting his clients. He has experience in several areas including sport performance, drug and alcohol, body image and eating disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, health, conduct and antisocial behaviour.  Luke has been working in both the public and private sector for the past 8 years. In that time, he has worked with adolescents and adults treating a wide variety of psychological and interpersonal challenges.  

Kathie McDonald 
Clinical Psychologist

Kathie works with individuals aged over 16 years using evidence-based treatments including CBT and ACT.  She enjoys helping a broad range of people, and has a special interest in helping people adjust to various life transitions such as changes in work, relationships, parenthood, and health conditions. Kathie is also skilled in helping transgender individuals and their families navigate the transgender experience, and in helping women work through issues related to sexual intimacy.

Courtney Smith
Clinical Psychologist

Courtney has  experience working with individuals across the lifespan who are struggling with a complex range of psychological difficulties, relationship and personal issues.  Courtney has a warm and genuine approach, wanting to cultivate a therapy space of safety, compassion and respect for her clients. Courtney strives to help her clients address the heart of the matter, to gain greater self-awareness and to develop healthier ways to cope and have their needs met.

Logan Harvey
Clinical P

Logan has experience working in acute, community and extended inpatient mental health facilities as well as private practice and is particularly passionate about helping adults who experience chronic difficulties and complex mental health issues. He has a keen interest in supporting individuals who have experienced both childhood and adult trauma along with diagnoses such as PTSD and Complex PTSD. Logan also has extensive experience in the treatment of substance-use and addiction issues (including alcohol and other drugs, gambling, internet, sex, and pornography addictions).

Owen O'Connor
Practice Manager

Owen O'Connor is a highly efficient and approachable practice manager committed to guiding your experience with us. He is here to answer any questions you might have and to help you navigate the process of engaging with our psychologists. He can also offer assistance with information about referrals and funding options.